Jumat, 05 November 2010


Dated Released : 11 August 2010
Quality : R5
Info : imdb.com/title/tt1319704
Lihat : Trailer
Starring : Aaron Johnson, Imogen Poots, Matthew Beard
Genre : Drama | Thriller

Teenagers meet in chat room, and on many occasions celebrations take place in the main chat room named "Chelsia teens". The chatroom is portrayed on screen, as real-life room where people talk as a regular chat
room on a computer screen. After a paedophile posing as a girl enters the chat room, they install a bell to fully secure the site. The main character's bad behavior quickly produces problems with parents that try to take his computer and cellphone away. Things get even more complicated with crime, cops, guns and a suicide attempt.

Download Files: part1 - part2 - part3 [300MB-mkv]|eu

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